Dallas/fort worth parole attorney

Parole Packet.
Many individuals attempt to create a packet or send letters into the parole board, then wonder why their loved one was not granted parole.  Johnson Noriega PLLC can effectively and efficiently organize a parole packet for the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole.  The parole packet will be tailored to the factors the parole board finds important.  Furthermore, the packet will be well organized and concise.  Reality is that the Parole Board does not have the time and/or man power to read everyone's letters. 
Parole Presentation.
If allowed, an attorney will present your parole packet to the voting authority.  In Texas, this can be especially helpful because of the sheer number of individuals who are reviewed for parole.  This gives your loved one a chance to have his side presented to the voting authority in a way that's tailored directly to the factors. 
Parole Revocation.
Unfortunately, not everyone survives the rigors involved with being on parole.  Its not an easy situation to be in and the pressure of any mistake can and does get to many.  Johnson Noriega PLLC can represent an indivudal accused of violating parole in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   
Parole Preparation.
Part of the problem of getting parole is preparing effectively for it.  Whether its setting up a housing situation or looking for a potential employer, Johnson Noriega PLLC can help you find the answers you're looking for.  We can prepare and discuss potential situations with you and your family to make the transition as smooth as possible.